Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Who We Are

Buzz's Monkey Butler is now two weeks old, and since we've kept it going this long, I thought that it might be time for an answer to the inevitable question that I'm sure is on all four of our readers' minds: Who the hell are these guys? And why is this blog called Buzz's Monkey Butler?

Well, to answer the latter, the name was born out of the marriage of Buzz Bissinger, recent frothing-at-the-mouth-on-TV-ranting-about-the-blogosphere guy, and the somewhat humorous notion of a real-live monkey butler. What better title for a blog than Buzz's Monkey Butler? You can't argue with that logic!

As for the rest of us, Hobson, Cadbury & I are all friends from way back. We all love sports. We all have real day jobs that don't allow us to be as involved with this little venture as we'd like to be. This blog was born out of a telephone conversation with Hobson when it hit me that some of the things we were talking about might look good on the Interweb. So here we are.

We hope to have recurring pieces, "themes" if you will, detailing various things we want to talk about. Cadbury will hopefully be providing a Where Are They Now? post each Wednesday, highlighting some sports figure of the past that has fallen out of the public eye. Perhaps you caught his first WATN on Popeye Jones, or perhaps his second, on Fennis Dembo. Hobson hopes to start a Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T.) series this week, to run on Tuesdays, focusing on, well, things that are the greatest of all time.

You've probably seen my daily T.V. Battle posts, which I plan to continue, and I hope to have a more serious post each Monday, something delving a bit more in depth into topical sports issues than most of what we do. Every Friday, we'll bring you our Monkey Butlers of the Week, which will highlight the best and worst from the previous week in the sports world. And, at some point, we hope that our resident she-fan, Alice Duckworth, will give us something from a woman's perspective on a weekly basis. If not, her name will suddenly disappear from the site as if she never existed...

We hope to entertain at least a few people out there with our daily musings, and we promise at least one new post a day, because we figure that by setting the bar extremely low that we can exceed expectations on a daily basis. Plus, since we all have real, honest-to-God day jobs, there may be some days that only have one new post.

So, if you like what we're doing, let us know, and if you don't, let us know that, too. Vote in the weekly poll and keep coming back, because although we're essentially doing this for ourselves, we like it when people show up and read what we've been musing on.

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