Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Where are they now?

Occasionally, we'll have a 'Where are they now?' with a random former professional athlete. These are more of a call of 'Hey, if you are still alive...let us know!'

Today's selection, former Maverick/Raptor/Celtic/Nugget/Wizard/Warriors great Popeye Jones!

At 6'8", 265lbs he was a force to be reckoned with as a collegian in the OVC. He dominated the competition at Murray State like no one since...well...um...nevermind.

Sure, he was a little scary looking...kinda fat...and not very athletic. But other than that, he was truly one of the great hired guns in the NBA. If you needed to stack your roster with a dependable 7pts-7rebs per game guy...you called Popeye. If you needed a post player to shoot 44% from the field...you called Popeye. If you needed someone to package with Dwayne Schintzus in a trade to get them the hell off your roster...YOU CALLED POPEYE!!!

So, Popeye, wherever you are...let us know you are OK. We miss you.

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Alice Duckworth said...

I am still living with my mom, noshing on Baby Ruths, and being beautiful on the inside.