Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beginning of a New Curse??

Pitcher Julian Tavarez was designated for assignment Monday by the Boston Red Sox after 2 + years of service.

Now, as a Red Sox fan, I've generally approved of the moves GM Theo Epstein has made with our club:
- acquiring Papi, Schilling, Beckett, and Lowell
- letting go of Pedro and Damon at just the right time

But I'm not sure about this one. Baseball is all about chemistry, and how can you break up a team like this:

Not to mention, this is the kind of guy you want on your side. I'll give you he's not the best pitcher, actually VERY far from it. But he IS the kind of guy that will come to your house with a machete if you cut him off in traffic. Let's see how he acts in a routine Spring Training game against the lowly Devil Rays:

Tavarez vs. Gaithright

Totally sane right? Need more analysis? An outsiders point of view perhaps?

Crazy – 2004: In the NLCS, Tavarez is quoted as saying the Astros aren’t that special and then fired a pitch up near Jeff Bagwell's head. That generated a bench clearing and a fine for Tavarez. In a childish fit of rage, Tavarez breaks his hand on a bullpen phone, damaging his team’s World Series aspirations.


I think I'd take the pathetic pitching, and having to look at that hidieous grill in the bullpen everyday just to assure he's not hiding under my bed with a baseball bat. But come to think of it I'd probably be ok because he can't hit for shit. Hopefully he'll try to throw something at me too. Can't imagine him hitting the mark since my torso isn't much bigger than the strike zone.

God speed Julian. We'll probably resign you when someone gets hurt.

Tavarez Designated for Assignment


Anonymous said...

I half expected Manny to lean over and nibble on his earlobe...

..of course, Manny is also nuts and probably didn't realize a) it's a guy next to him, b) he's part of a major league baseball game and not in a club, or c) he's about to make-out with a future serial killer.

Edwin Jarvis said...

Just Manny being Manny!

Hobson said...

They need monkey butlers to groom them. Although it would be a very dedicated monkey butler to touch either Manny's hair or Tavarez's face.