Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Note to Bears Management: Don't Be Stupid, Pay Urlacher.

Another pre-rant disclosure...I love Brian Urlacher. Not in that pseudo-gay way, but as an athlete that's fun to watch and productive as hell...

So, Chicago Bears management, open your f'en eyes and get serious about a contract extension. Yeah, yeah...we all know the typical b/s about 'he signed a contract and should stick with it' but we all know that's a bunch of crap in the NFL.

This is the only major sport without guaranteed contracts. It's the most dangerous game and has the shortest lifespan. So I can't blame Brian for wanting to be paid fairly and re-negotiate his deal.

He made a great point in his comments yesterday. When he signed his current deal in '03, the salary cap was about $75M. Now it's $116M. And, get this, he's currently the that slowly...the 8th highest paid player on his own team.

Are you kidding me?

Are you telling me there are 7 other guys on this team that are as critical to winning games as Urlacher? Go ahead and try to make that argument Jerry Angelo. I'm waiting. Hello?

He's had some injury problems over the past couple of years, but still been very productive. He's been the the Pro Bowl 6 of his 8 seasons in the league. Led the Bears in tackles numerous times, interceptions, sacks, etc.

Buck up McCaskeys...come off some coin and pay the man to keep the face of your franchise around. Unless you think Cedric Benson is the face of your team.

Or Rex Grossman.

Oh yeah, and for Brian's sake...he used to bang Paris Hilton and has a kid with a I'm sure he ran up a decent tab on all those STD tests and child support payments.

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