Tuesday, May 13, 2008

NBA All-Defensive Team Announced

The NBA announced the annual All-Defensive Team today, and it's made up of the usual suspects: Kobe, KG, Marcus Camby, Bruce Bowen, and yes, once again, Tim Duncan. How Duncan continues to earn these kind of accolades, I'll never know. He was once a wonderful champion and player, but he's a shell of his old self and not even the best defender on his own team. These MUST be the same guys who vote in the preseason college football polls, just filling in the same old names. Some of Timmy's exploits over the years:

But that's vs Kobe! Surely he owns smaller, less athletic guys:

At least we can depend on KG, your 2008 Defensive Player of the Year:

I'm kind of surprised we didn't see Michael Jordan or Bill Russell on the team.......

ESPN: NBA All-Defensive Team Announced

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