Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bulls Beware...

The Chicago Bulls may want to do a little more leg work on this draft pick than they did last year when selecting Joakim Noah. Not sure who was in charge of that process, but he's not looking to smart so far. In a SHOCKING development, Noah was arrested for marijuana possession and open container when visiting his old stomping grounds of the University of Florida.
When it was discovered the beverage was Hennessy cognac, Noah was taken to an area police station, where one cannabis cigarette was discovered inside a cigarette package in Noah's pants.
In my opinion this is hardly newsworthy, because I honestly think this is happening every night, where ever Noah is. And I for one am fine with it. Don't you remember what happens if the kid doesn't have his nightly weed and cognac?

Truly horrifying. But this SHOULD however be the latest chapter in a cautionary tale for the Bulls front office, that somehow didn't see any red flags with Noah before taking him in last years draft.

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