Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vince Young: Man of Integrity

Vince Young recently revealed that he almost retired after his rookie season. He said the game "wasn't fun anymore" and he almost gave it up.

He says he prayed a bunch and decided he needed to be a role model. He said he was motivated by guys like Michael Vick, Pacman Jones and other notable character guys like rappers Lil Wayne and T.I. That's what made him decide that he needed to stick with it.

I think that's just great. It had nothing to do with all the damn money he would lose if he retired. Nothing at all to do with the $12.3M option bonus due to him in his second year. Or the other $50M due over the life of your rookie contract. Not to mention the other money you would lose from endorsements, future contracts, etc.

Nice job Vince. You are my role model. I commend you for deciding to keep being a millionaire rather than working as a bouncer at a strip club in Houston. Although I guess that job wouldn't be too bad either.

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