Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tonight's TV Battle

Every so often, each generation that has walked this planet we call Earth has experienced a moment so unique, so profound, that it simply changes the course of human history. The invention of the wheel; ancient Russians meandering along a land bridge to North America; Christopher Columbus running into the Americas; some unknown master's creation of armless porn; Michaelangelo's creation of gay porn; and the discovery that hot pockets can be both lava hot and completely frozen, all at the same time. All of these moments in history so changed the course of human events that our society was forever and unalterably changed. Tonight, we witness another watershed moment in human history:

She's Got The Look (TVLand, 10 & 11).

That's right, folks: you can now return to MILF Island without ever having fully been there in the first place. Finally, a show that focuses on the often-ignored Cougar segment of society, a show that will once-and-for-all show us shallow, limited males that there can be beauty found in women in their 40s even though ugly still persists. Can world peace and a cure for all diseases be that far behind? I submit that they cannot!

Plus, desperate can sometimes be hot, right? Judging by the insanity at these message boards, I'm thinking that desperate still just equals mostly crazy.

In the world of sports (as if you won't be watching MILF Island), you've got...

MLB: Devil Rays at Red Sox, ESPN, 7
NHL: Stanley Cup Finals, Detroit at Pittsburgh, Game 6, NBC, 8
NBA: Classic NBA Finals Doubleheader: 1985 Game 6 and 1987 Game 4, Lakers vs. Celtics, Classic, 8 & 10

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