Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tonight's TV Battle

If you've ever yelled at someone in the kitchen whilst using an f-bomb and the word "wanker," then Hell's Kitchen is the show for you (Fox, 9). If you're looking for something a bit tamer, check out the biography of David Cassidy on Biography (BIO, 9). Hopefully it will be chock-full of '70s icon gone bad on coke binges goodness, but don't hold your breath.

In the world of sports, you've got...not much of anything. Here's hoping you've got the MLB package!

NBA: SportsCenter Finals Special, ESPN, 7 ( A 180 minute commercial for the NBA Finals.)
Softball: WCWS, Arizona State vs. Texas A&M, Deuce, 8
Deportes: Titulares y Mas, Telemundo, 11:35

(All times eastern)

1 comment:

Hobson said...

Don't forget the great Joba cometh (if you have the MLB package)