Wednesday, June 4, 2008

NFL Player Fights Back With Bedpost

Perhaps the trend of professional athletes having their homes burgled will finally come to an end with the recent actions of Green Bay Packers running back Noah Herron, who throttled a would-be burglar with the most obvious weapon imaginable: a bedpost.

Herron called police Friday night and reported that an unknown number of intruders had entered his home. When one of the miscreants entered Herron's bedroom, Herron whacked him with a bedpost he had unscrewed from his bed. Where most people may have panicked, Herron remained calm, looked about his bedroom, and decided that the only weapon available to him was the bedpost, and he used it.

The Brown County Sheriff issued a statement that described Herron's use of force as "necessary, reasonable and justifiable." The burglar he presumably hit over the head was still hospitalized as of Monday, but was unfortunately expected to recover. A second burglar was arrested outside of Herron's home and stolen goods and a vehicle from another burglary were found in the area as well. Shockingly, both of the idiots that were arrested are also suspects in a string of burglaries and home invasions throughout the county.

So here's to you, Noah Herron. Maybe your actions will make those that target professional athletes think twice the next time they're going to commit a burglary.

Sports Illustrated: Green Bay RB Herron Foils Burglary With Bedpost

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