Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oh Yeah--Basketball is Still Going On

I wrote the Los Angeles Lakers' eulogy last week, but for some reason they wouldn't die Sunday night and now have a game 6 tonight at Boston. I personally think that Boston is going to win by 27 points, but frankly, you never know. It is a possibility that Kendrick Perkins will not play tonight as he attempts to recover from the shoulder injury that kept him out of game 5. In that game on Sunday, Pau Gasol looked less like a pregnant yak and more like an NBA big man, pulling down 13 rebounds to go along with 19 points and six assists. Gasol is a finesse player, and when someone like Perkins bodies him up, Gasol folds like a cheap tent and that's it.

If Perkins is unable to go, the Celtics are still likely to win if Eddie House, et al, keep shooting the ball the way they have been. The Lakers went all out to contain Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce in game five, and as a result the Celtic "nobodies" helped Boston tie the game in the fourth quarter. Looking back, that's really all this series has been: L.A.'s nobodies vs. Boston's nobodies. The superstars are always going to get theirs in some way, shape or form, and at the end of the day it's the players like Sasha Vujajic (20 points in Game 3) and Kendrick Perkins that really end up deciding how these games go. If the Lakers are to complete the historic comeback, they're going to need everything their nobodies can give.

Without the celebs to cheer them on and pull them through, I just don't see it happening.

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