Friday, June 20, 2008

Note to Readers: You Speak, We Listen

A new feature we're going to feature around here every once in a while will be a post in response to reader feedback. Typically, these responses will be accompanied by a picture of a woman in a bikini to detract from the inadequacy of our response.

Since some of you have accurately pointed out that we failed to mention anything whatsoever about the outcome of the NBA Finals, we decided to mention it today. The Lakers lost the Finals in six. Pau Gasol played like a pregnant yak, Lamar Odom looked terrified of some of the opposing team's players, and the Lakers bench played like they were on a last-place NBDL team. What's more, Kobe Bryant couldn't decide if he was going to be the Black Mamba or "Guy Who Wants the Media to Love Him," so he alternated between short stretches of domination and long stretches of setting up the Laker foreigners for threes and post-ups. Of course, the foreigners mostly played like WWII-era Frenchman, so you obviously know how that went.

Keep those requests coming, and thanks for reading our little corner of the Interweb!

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