Monday, May 12, 2008

Tony Romo = Ashlee Simpson

Holy lord...I guess dipping your oil stick in the one Simpson sister who can remotely sing doesn't make you immune to your own horrific attempts at harmony. Come to think of it, he had Carrie Underwood too! Wow! In an example of one of the worst attempts at the 7th inning stretch EVER...check out Romo's recent trip to Wrigley.


Come on Tony, you can memorize an NFL playbook and you can't learn at least half the words to one of the top 5 sports songs in history?

Retard. Good thing you play for the Cowboys. You make yourself easy to hate.


Edwin Jarvis said...

With enough plastic surgery, he really could be Ashlee Simpson. That's scary.

Alice Duckworth said...

Well, maybe Ashlee Simpson 1.0.