Friday, May 16, 2008

Tonight's TV Battle

I don't watch much "regular" television on Friday nights, so I'm flying blind here. According to the fancy TV listings over at, there's a show called Ghost Whisperer coming on CBS at 8. The show stars the eminently viewable Jennifer Love Hewitt as some sort of person who whispers to ghosts. She's one of those actresses that never had what I call a "Britney Meltdown" and either went batshit crazy and shaved her head and/or posed nude in Playboy. I'm kind of bitter about that. (Ed. note: The movie 'Can't Hardly Wait' is one of the most underrated movies of all time. Just saying.)

In the world of sports, you've got...

NBA Playoffs: Boston at Cleveland, Game 6, ESPN, 8
NASCAR: Craftsman Truck Series, Speed, 8
UFC: Fight Night, Spike, 9
NBA Playoffs: Lakers at Jazz, Game 6, ESPN, 10:30

(all times eastern)

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