Monday, May 12, 2008

O.J. Mayo: Now more O.J., less mayo

So in something that doesn't come as a shock to me at all, it turns out that O.J. Mayo, former Trojan and current NBA hopeful, took money and "benefits" while in high school and at USC. Per the New York Times:
Louis Johnson told ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” that Rodney Guillory, a event promoter based in Los Angeles, gave Mayo about $30,000 and other benefits while he attended high school and U.S.C. Mayo has decided to forgo his sophomore year and enter the NBA draft.
Other benefits? Like invitations to a Leinart bong party?

I find it hilarious that this Guillory apparently used most of the money given to him by the sports agency to "support himself." Mayo, for his part, of course denies any wrongdoing.

Associate Says Mayo Received Gifts


Anonymous said...

If this story even remotely shocks you, the I suggest you schedule surgery immediately because you obviously have your head firmly implanted in your own (looking for synonym)...derriere.

All levels of 'pre-NBA' basketball are infested with this form of corruption and it's fueled by the shoe companies.

Or, maybe OJ Mayo really is really just a victim in all this? Yeah, right...and his fellow USC 'alum' OJ Simpson just happens to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

LegalAcidity said...

I always thought he was going to be squeaky-clean because his last name was Mayo.