Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Matt Walsh...you're a dipshit!

Before you read any further, know that I am not a Patriots fan. I don't like Bill Belichik. And I think the NFL has earned it's nickname as the "No Fun League". Now, with those disclaimers out of the way you may proceed.

Matt Walsh is a douche. In case you haven't paid your basic cable bill since September and have not watched ESPN, Matt Walsh is the former Patriots video assistant who came forward and tattled to Roger Goodell that he illegally videotaped other teams as part of Spygate.

What's the matter Matt? The Pats didn't give you enough free crap when you worked there? You begged to take home Tom Brady's old sweatbands and were told no?

My opinion on this is probably pretty clear from above (or the obvious title of this post), but Matt Walsh is nothing more than a whining baby. He's broken the code. You dont turn your former team in for something like this. I guess he's OK with his future career doing videos of little Timmy's birthday party or Sally's dance recital because his career in football is over.

Listen, I know a few video guys in the NFL and college football. Most are overworked and underpaid, so I feel their pain. I'm sure Walsh was in that category, but I still think you can't be a p*ssy like that and turn in your team. In fact, I bet he has his Super Bowl ring so maybe he needs to turn that in as well.

So he's going to meet with Roger Goodell today. Hey Matty, enjoy your trip to Manhattan. I doubt any grand revelations are going to come from this meeting. I think Goodell is just putting on the pony show for everyone by meeting with this kid. I would bet every team in the NFL has done this at some point. In fact, go to an NFL game and sit in the press box. Look around you and see how many guys from other NFL teams are there doing advance scouting. Now take a look at their fancy binoculars. It's 2008 people, many of those binoculars have a damn digital camera in them.

I'm sure some of those guys are taking home a few pictures of the hot blonde with a camel toe dancing down around the 20 yard line, but most of those pictures will be the hand signals the guys are throwing. Why do you think they are finally putting a mic in the helmet of the defense too?

It all boils down to one thing in football, the guys on the field have to make the plays. When LT comes around the corner in the open field, do you think that safety thinks 'I better look over there and see if we have a secret signal for which way he's gonna cut?'

Matt Walsh, you've had more than your 15 minutes. I'm tired of hearing your name. Plus, it makes me think of the other douchebag Matt Walsh. The one with the floppy hair and no athletic ability that played basketball for the Florida Gaytors the year before they were actually good. He was a real winner too. He turned pro early and now he's probably the star of a men's rec league team in Port St Lucie. Nice decision Matt...and I'm talking to both of you.

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