Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol Goes All Rocky On Us

So TV's number one show, in an attempt to "keep it fresh" (as the kids say), rolled out the boxing theme last night. As the theme from Rocky played, Michael Buffer introduced the two finalists, David Cook and David Archuleta, each of whom was clad in a boxing robe and wearing boxing gloves. David Cook looked completely at home, going along with the bit (as he has with most inane Idol skits this year). Meanwhile, Archuleta looked like the band geek that accidentally went out for football one year, realized what he was doing, and then started uncontrolably shitting himself.

As everyone knows around here, I'm an unabashed American Idol fan. While I realize that this also might make me a dweeb in some circles, it is the most popular show in America. But, does dressing the two final contestants in boxing garb, trotting out Michael Buffer and having freakin' Jim Lampley of all people dissect the "bout" officially mean that AI has jumped the shark?

Oh, and for the record: David Cook will win.

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