Friday, June 6, 2008

Boston Takes Game One: Pierce Proves to be a Faker

Boston took down Los Angeles last night, 98-88, in Game One of the NBA Finals. I could sit here and try to blame Paul Pierce the Pansy's acting job for the loss, but that's not what cost the Lakers the game. (Henceforth, Paul Pierce will be known as PPP, or 3P, for Paul Pierce the Pansy.)

Here's what cost L.A. the game:

Rebounds: Boston 46, L.A. 33
Kobe: Shot 9-of-26 from the field
Lakers: Shot 5-of-20 in the fourth quarter.

That's it. The fact that the Lakers were only down four with less than half a quarter to play is rather stunning given the above numbers. Sure, the Lakers could have demonstrated some sort of killer instinct and gone on a run when 3P got "hurt," but they fumbled that opportunity away and overall just looked nervous and jittery. They played well early but seemed to coast a bit in the second half and it cost them. I expect that they will play much better on Sunday.

The game turned out almost exactly like Hobson and I thought it would. Now it's up to the Lakers to settle down and take Game Two before they head back to L.A.

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