Friday, May 30, 2008

Where are they now? Western Finals edition

While watching the Lakers wrap up the Western Conference title against the Spurs last night, I started thinking back about some of the great championships from both teams. I started reminiscing about some of the great players in the history of both clubs. Then I started thinking about great players who played for both teams. I ended up with one name who stands above them all.

This week’s ‘Where are they now?’…the legendary Chuck Nevitt.

No, dumbass, I didn’t say Chuck Norris. Chuck Nevitt. You remember him don’t you? 7’5” of pure athleticism and grace.

Chuck played with 5 teams in his 12 year career. Well, played may be a stretch. He was the ultimate 12th man. When Chuck checked in at the scorer’s table, it was a sign that you can finish your beer and head for the car. Once named ‘The Human Victory Cigar’ by Sports Illustrated, he played a total of 826 minutes in his career. To put that in perspective, it may take Kobe Bryant 20 games to play that much…but only if he gets major bench time in a couple of games.

But how does Chuck relate to the Lakers-Spurs? Well, Chuck was a member of the 1985 Lakers championship team. He took that championship experience and taught Michael Jordan a thing or two (during his 10-day contract during the 91-92 season). Chuck then went on to an illustrious career with the San Antonio Spurs. He shot 3-6 free throws during a one minute appearance in the season opener for San Antonio in 1993…then they cut him. Those unappreciative bastards!

Today, we look up high and salute you Chuck. You were a goofy looking dude with a bad, porn ‘stache…but you were at least tall. So that’s something.

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