Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tonight's TV Battle

Tonight we finally get to say goodbye to Toby on The Office season finale (NBC, 9), and it's about damn time. With all of his fawning over Pam, and his attempts to get Jim in trouble, well, dammit, he's a sonofabitch, fiction or not. Going up against the folks from Dunder-Mifflin are the folks at CSI, who try to figure out if Warrick killed a local gangster (season finale, CBS, 9).

In the world of sports, you've got...

NASCAR: All Star '08 Neverending Coverage, Speed, 7-until
NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: Pittsburgh at Philadelphia, Game 4, Versus, 7:30
NASCAR: Sprint Pit Crew Challenge, Speed, 9
NBA Playoffs: New Orleans at San Antonio, Game 6, ESPN, 9
MLS Soccer: Salt Lake at Colorado, Deuce, 9:30

(all times eastern)

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