Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mr. Big 12 commish, I take back some of those bad things...

Dear Mr. Big 12 Commish -

I take back a couple of those things I said about the football played in your conference. Not all, but a few. All those things I said about Choke-lahoma are still true though and we both know it. If it wasn't for Vince Young's legs, you would still be crying over your string of BCS blowouts over the past decade.

However, I appreciate your recent comments about the stupidity of redshirts in football.



Finally, someone with a real chance to be heard made some sane points about redshirting football players. I think it's dumb and always have (well, since I got old enough to know the difference).

Redshirts in football are half the reason kids fail out early, transfer, quit and go home, etc. They come in with three universes worth of sunshine pumped up their ass from every coach in the country...only to be told 'um, yeah, you aren't playing this year...but work hard and get your ass beat by the upperclassmen on Tuesdays.'

We already have limits on how many kids can dress for games, so why do we need redshirts? Just give them 5 years to play 5 seasons. Most regular kids can't get out of school in 4 years anyway, and all they have to do is go to class hungover a few days a week and cash daddy's checks. Football players are rare that can balance it all and graduate 'on time'.

I bet some of those unhappy former 'all-world' recruits would be at least a little more content if they get to dress out and run down on a couple kick cover teams. Coaches would be more inclined to play them a little if they knew it wasn't burning an entire year of their development.

All the garbage about academics is crap, we all know the NCAA doesn't give 2-shits about academics when it comes to D-1 football...oh, sorry, 'Football Bowl Subdivision'. My bad. The NCAA wants the cash from the TV contracts and that's about it.

So, thanks Mr. Big 12 commish...finally some sanity from a conference I normally could care less about. Well, if you were the Big 10 I would care less...but that's about it.

Linky to the ESPN article

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